Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bowling Excursion

Did I say bowling?  Yes, bowling.  I haven't been bowling in years, but why not?  Especially when you hear about this great deal  My awesome friend Karin told me about this one.  Go to:, and sign up.  I was reluctant, but it has been a few weeks now and no spam.  This is the real deal.  Choose a participating bowling alley, and they will send you weekly coupons for free bowling. 

Now, there is a tiny catch.  Parents have to pay.  After signing-up you will be offered a deal - pay $25.00 for unlimited adult bowling for the summer.  This deal allows you to bring 2 adult guests.  If you know you will always go with another family, just one family should buy the adult bowling.  Then split the $25 fee, and bowl together all summer long - and never pay for the kids!

Cheap, old-fashioned fun!

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