Friday, July 1, 2011

Glow-in-the-Dark Bean-Bag Toss

 So, the Glow Sticks are great.  But, I have struggled with the bean-bags.  This time, I painted the material early in the day and sat it under light for 2 hours.  I stuck to painting straight-forward lines and dots.  Then, I painted another coat, the first coat had been mostly absorbed into the material.  I again, let it sit in light. 
I tried the painted material in a very dark room, with black-out shades.  It glowed, but not as much as I was hoping for.
So, I added another layer of paint and let the painted material sit under light.   
The material definitely glowed.  Not as much as the Glow Sticks, but it glowed enough to see where the bag would land in the dark.
The material was too wet to sew, so I will stitch the sides together tomorrow.  I absolutely cannot sew.  I will stitch the sides together by hand, making sure that the stitches are smaller than the dried beans (learned that the hard way last Halloween!).  After I sew together most of the bean-bag, I will fill it with dried beans.  Then, I will sew together the last little part.  I’ll update this blog with the finished bags.
Connect Glow Sticks into circles, and lie them out.  Toss the bean-bags – whoever gets the most into the circles wins!
Or, hang the glowing circles from trees and toss the bean-bags through.

By the way, the Glow Sticks that I “activated” today were noticeably brighter than the ones from yesterday.  For the ultimate glow, wait until the “day of the game” to activate.  These are "activated" by bending and shaking the sticks, not by the use of paint.       

Glow Sticks at 5 Below, $5.00
Glow in the Dark Paint (Americana) at JoAnn Fabric, $3.19
 Kept it simple.  Lines and dots, lots of layers.
The glow-in-the-Dark painted material is visible in the center of the circle.  Hoping for brighter, but good enough for a night-time toss. 
The newly "activated" sticks are brighter than the ones "activated" yesterday.

Bright enough for people to see in the dark, but not for my camera.

Have fun.  As always, I want to hear about your experiences and I am open to suggestions.  

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