Thursday, June 30, 2011

Glow Sticks

Today’s activity didn’t work out as planned.  The plan is to create a glow-in-the-dark bean-bag toss.  The glow sticks that I bought are great!  As you can see from the picture below, they really do glow in the dark.  They come with connectors, so you can make them into circles.  I’m not sure what they’re filled with, so I wouldn’t recommend them for every day play.  We're going to keep them for “outside” games. 
Now, for the bean-bags (sigh).  The glow-in-the-dark fabric pen did not work.   The glow-in-the-dark paint was absorbed into the fabric, and barely worked.  Tomorrow, I'm going to put a heavier layer of paint on the fabric and let the painted fabric sit in the sun to “charge”. 
I’ll let everyone know how this works out.   

I bought the Glow Sticks at 5 Below, $5.00.
 I am always open to suggestions,

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