Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Party Hats

What you will need:  large paper, stapler, tape, decorating stuff (markers, crayons, glitter, whatever you have around).

Today happens to be my birthday (yeah!), but party hats are always fun.  Why not wear a party hat to dinner on any given Wednesday?
We started with poster-board.  You can use smaller paper, just make a chin strap.  A little ribbon, a couple pieces of tape - party hat!  If you're really feeling fancy, you can use some kind of material.
Draw a circle on the paper.  Then, make a little dot in the center of the circle.  Draw a line that extends from the little dot, to the outer edge of the circle.  Cut along the line.  At this point we had to make decisions about hat size.  Once you've decided how large you need the hat, cut another line extending from another exterior point to the little circle.  Now you'll have a pizza-wedge size stray piece of paper, and a larger piece that is the beginning of a hat.
Roll the larger piece into a cone shape, and make a mark so that you'll know where to stop decorating (where the paper will overlap after stapling).  Then, go to town decorating!  Our hats were pretty simple; markers, crayons, ribbon and some glitter glue (by the way, they're not joking about the word "glue").  We taped ribbon onto the top of the hat.  Glue was not our friend today.  
Roll the hat into a cone, and staple.  Party hat!

Please send me your awesome party hat photos, Have fun!

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